Introducing our Exclusive Two-Year Eyewear Warranty

What to Look for When Purchasing Eyeware


Are the frames and lenses warranted? If so, for how long? Does the warranty cost extra or is it included in the price of the eyewear?

Trained Staff

Certain prescriptions require certain frame styles and lens treatments for your glasses to perform well and look great. Only trained staff can guide you through this process. Is the person assisting you qualified to do this?

Putting Your Needs First

No optical dispensary can carry every frame. Will your provider’s office work to find a frame that fits well and is comfortable? Are they willing to order the exact frame that’s right for you? Or will they give you the one that is “close enough” because that’s what is in stock?

High-Quality Materials

Only high-quality materials can be backed with a long warranty. Are the welds on the frame strong? Will the enamel on the frame flake off? Are the lenses free of optical distortions which can cause eye fatigue? Will your lenses be replaced if the scratch-resistant coating fails? Don’t be enticed by the lowest price.