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Posted on April 9, 2011 · Posted in General

Technology is great, isn’t it? For those of you born in the 90’s or perhaps even more recently, you are probably too young to know a world without the information superhighway. Imagine a world without the Internet, social media, instant messaging, VOIP, video conferencing, texting, e-mail, etc. That’s the world that most of us older more mature people grow up in. The information available at our fingertips today (via computer, phone, tablet, MP3 player, etc.) used to be a set of encyclopedias, our social media was going to the mall with some friends, our instant messaging was a phone call, our e-mail was actual mail…you get the picture. I’m not trying to make it sound like our formative years were rough. They were certainly nothing like my Dad’s. I mean he walked 22 miles barefoot in the snow every day to school. And back. But the point I am trying to make is that technology has changed how we access information and interact.

Our office has always strived to be on the forefront of technology. It’s a necessity when providing the level and quality of care we do. Stop investing in technology and you have stopped investing in your patients. For example, three years ago we were able to add the Optovue RTVue optical coherence tomographer to our practice. At the time there were fewer than 200 of these next-generation scanning lasers in practice around the United States. But it allowed us to do things that could not be duplicated by any other piece of equipment and swiftly improved the level of care we could provide for our patients.

My goal, then, is for this blog to be another piece of technology we use to access and share information. “We” being the operative word here as I’d like our internet presence to be interactive rather than the practice just presenting material. Interact with us on Twitter and Facebook. If you happen to enjoy a post we make on the blog, please “Like” it or Tweet about it. Feel free to ask questions, add comments, or provide topics that you’d be interested in learning more about in future blog posts.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see/hear/read from you in the future :)