Quora: Should I Take A Chance With Buying Progressive Lenses Online?

Posted on January 26, 2013 · Posted in Eyeglasses, General

The way you have worded this question suggests that you understand that there is risk involved, so let’s define those risks:


Progressive lenses, moreso than any other lens on the market, rely on precision measurements to ensure optimal visual performance.  The height at which the distance, intermediate, and near viewing portions of the lens sit varies based on your anatomy, the frame design, and the interaction between the two.  Without measurements being taken while you are wearing the selected frame, the correct positioning of the various powers in the lens and, in turn, your vision are nothing more than a guess.  In fact, some online retailers will not even attempt to provide progressive lenses based on these facts.  Kudos to them.


Most people who consider online glasses do so because of cost and that’s 100% OK.  However, the consumer needs to know when comparing costs if they are comparing apples to apples.  For example, if an online company is offering anti-reflective lenses for $25 while their eye doctor’s office quoted $100, the consumer needs to know if the exact same lenses and technology are being compared.  A plastic lens with low quality anti-reflective treatment will not perform the same visually or from a durability standpoint as a Trivex lens with Crizal anti-reflective technology, but will be much less expensive.

So whether or not you should take a “chance” with online progressive lenses, depends on your understanding of the above and how much money you’d be out.  Is there a chance things could work out well?  Yes.  Are the chances greater that they won’t?  Yes.  Do you deserve better than a “chance” that you’ll see properly?  No question.

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