Quora: Does wearing prescription glasses make your eyes dependent on them?

Posted on May 8, 2012 · Posted in Eyeglasses

If you wear prescriptions because you’re short sighted, and you keep wearing them for several months or years, will your eyes adjust so that you’ll depend on them, or would you be able to scrap them and go back to relatively the same level of crappy eyesight you had before you got the glasses?

This is a great question and one most eye care providers encounter daily.

This is no physical adaptation that occurs to develop dependency on a pair of glasses (or contact lenses for that matter).  What can happen, however, is that we can become less tolerant of the blurry vision we have when not wearing them and this can sometimes be mistaken as a “weakening” of the eyes.  In reality, we’re just aware of how much better it could be if we had our glasses on.

Glasses simply alter the way light enters the eye.  Removing them will return you to your regular blurry vision.


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