Dr. Brett Paepke Named to “Faces of Our Future”

FirstView Eye Care Associates is proud to announce that Dr. Brett Paepke was recently selected by Strictly Business magazine for its “Faces of Our Future” edition.



Meet the OPD-III and HD Eye Exam

We use the innovative OPD-III wavefront system to evaluate your unique needs and provide you with the best results.



FirstView At Home and On The Go

We’re excited to introduce FirstView 2.0!  Our revamped website features a fully responsive layout that will optimize itself for viewing on your desktop computer, tablet, and even your phone.



Patient Information Portal Live

At FirstView Eye Care Associates, we are constantly working on ways to enhance the doctor/patient relationship. That’s why we are so excited about our Person Health Record information portal that allows patients to access various information regarding their eye care directly from their electronic health record.



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